Chocolate in the Barbera Vigne Vecchie

Published in News on: 03-02-2017

page 28 of La Stampa. March 2, 2017

of Paolo Massobrio



Paolo Massobrio has nothing but praise for our sparkling brut rosé “metodo classico” I Tre Vescovi

“Would who never have dreamt that one day this cooperative would have produced a sparkling brut “metodo classico” made from 100% barbera grapes?”

“I Tre Vescovi is the name of their brut rosé with onion-skin colour. The mouth has the freshness of the Barbera. The start is quite smooth but then the finish is completely dry leaving a pleasant taste such as after eating a rose candy Leone.”



The highest commendations go to Barbera d'Asti Superiore Vigne Vecchie 2011 (by mistake the article reports the old label that the winery used till 2009 and on the Magnum 2011)

“  And then you can taste the coffee and chocolate: when you oxygenate the wine in the glass, those aromas are incredibly evident and typical from the best terroir for red wines.”




Un altro vino tra i cavalli di battaglia presi in considerazione è la Barbera d'Asti Vigne Vecchie 50° .

"Low yields and then the amazing contrast between the rose and almond, which are typical of the Barbera grown in Val Tiglione. 2015 is a surrounding, velvety and fresh vintage."



Few words about another Barbera, Laudana Barbera d’asti Superiore Nizza 2013 defined as

“refined in its fruity aromas”

An award also goes to our sparkling Barbera, loved by Paolo Massobrio: La Briccona e Rive Rosse.